~*Cover Reveals*~

Cassie Mae - No Interest in Love 

Pamela Sparkman - Skin Deep

Melyssa Winchester - The Space In Between

Sunniva Dee - Cat Love

Kerr-Ann Dempster - The Reluctant Sacrifice

J.C. Valentine - Fall For Him (Forbidden #3)

Pamela Sparkman - Back To Yesterday

Bella Jewel - Hard to Forget

J.L. Berg - Forgetting August

Melyssa & Joey Winchester - Fall

Mia Sheridan - Grayson's Vow

T.A. Roth - Say Nothing

D.Nichole King - Breaking Through

Jamie Summer - Dalysian Hope

Ahren Sanders - Staying On Course

T.M. Frazier - Lawless (King #3)

Tamsyn Bester - Playing Pretend

Jennifer Weiser - The Touched (The Descendants #1)

Diane Alberts - Beauty and the Boss

Melissa Collins - From the Wreckage

Sunniva Dee - Adrenaline Crush

Gillian Jones - On the Rocks

Jani Kay - Tormented (Scorpio Stinger MC #4)

Karina Halle - The Play

Lisa Swallow - Cadence (A Ruby Riot Novel)

Staci Hart - Chaser

L.A. Cotton - Lucky Penny

Melyssa Winchester - Ready When You Are

M. Never - Lie With Me

Natalie Gayle - Believe

Tillie Cole - Sweet Soul

Kylie Scott - Dirty ( A Dive Bar Novel)

Theresa Troutman - She Will Be Loved

Rebecca Brooke - Traded

Vanessa Marie - Fostered

LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole - Absolution

J.C. Valentine - S.O.B.

Heidi McLaughlin - Third Base

Emily Goodwin - Outside the Lines

Sunniva Dee - Walking Heartbreak

Melyssa Winchester - Heroine

Carmen Jenner - True North

Kathy Coopmans - The Redemption of Roan

Vi Keeland - The Baller

Cheryl McIntyre - Grit

Anie Michaels - Never Tied Down (Never Duet #2)

Bella Jewel - Pandemonium

J.L Berg - Remembering Everly (Lost & Found #2)

Lisa De Jong - Break Even

Jessica Prince - Wildflower

Melyssa Winchester - Shades of Blue (Black & Blue #1)

Melyssa Winchester - Into the Blue (Black & Blue #2)

Aly Martinez - Fighting Solitude (On the Ropes #3)

Niquel - Goodbye, With Love

Airicka Phoenix - The Devil's Beauty

Micalea Smeltzer - Second Chances Series

Britney King - Water Under the Bridge

Mia Sheridan - Midnight Lily

A. Meredith Walters - One Day Soon

Airicka Phoenix - Serendipity

Heidi McLaughlin - Blind Reality

Janine Infante Bosco - Uncontrollable Temptations

Gillian Zane - Justice (Nola Zombie #4)

Tillie Cole - A Thousand Boy Kisses

Heidi McLaughlin & L.P. Dover - The Dark Room (A Society X Novel)

Blake Austin - 9 Letters

Penelope Ward - RoomHate

L.A. Cotton - Redemption & Regrets

LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole - Absolution

Janine Infante Bosco - Illicit Temptations

J.C. Valentine - Forbidden Valentine

Lisa Swallow - Because of Lucy & Finding Evan

Collette West - Single

BN Toler - Desperately Seeking Epic

Aden Lowe - Prizefight

K. Webster - This is War, Baby

Rebecca Brooke - Second Chances

Jesse Lorenzo (Formerly Lady J) - Beyond Redemption

Heidi McLaughlin - Save Me

Bethany-Kris - Breathless & Bloodstained

Kristen Luciani - Venture Forward

Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland - Stuck-Up Suit

Janine Infante Bosco - Reckless Temptations

Alana Albertson - Beast

Laramie Briscoe - Sass

Hilary Storm & Kathy Coopmans - ICE

Jackie Keswick - House Hunt

Jessica Prince - Fire & Ice

Anie Michaels - Instead of You

Sunniva Dee - Dodging Trains

Melyssa Winchester - What Lies Beneath (Count On Me #7)

K. Webster - This is Love, Baby

Meghan Quinn & Jessica Prince - Hustler

Jana Aston - Right

Melanie Moreland - The Contract

J.C. Valentine - GRIT

Stevie J. Cole - Ex-Rated

Nancy Haviland - Ultimate Vengeance

Hilary Storm & Kathy Coopmans - FIRE

Bethany-Kris - Thin Lines (Donati Bloodlines Novel)

Pepper Winters - The Argument

Kathy Coopmans - The Deliverance Of Dilan

Janine Infante Bosco - Lethal Temptations (Tempted #5)

K. Webster - Sweet Jayne

B.B. Reid - The Bandit

Rebecca Brooke - Just Once

Bethany-Kris & Erin Ashley - Gun Moll

C.M. Steele - Whatever it Takes

Celia Aaron - Cash Remington and the Missing Heiress

Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland - Playboy Pilot

Heidi McLaughlin - Third Base

Alexa Riley - Finding Snow

Autumn Jones Lake - Road to Royalty: Lost Kings MC Boxed Set

L.P. Dover - Defending Hayden

Laura Ward & Christine Manzari - The Color of Us

Jay McLean - Coast (Kick/Push #2)

Sam Destiny - Call Me Michigan

Sheridan Jeane - My Lady, My Spy

Maayan Nahmani - Underwater

J.C. Valentine - Stranded (Night Calls Novella)

Tijan - Anti-Stepbrother

Ilsa Madden Mills - Filthy English

K. Webster - Zeke's Eden

Celia Aaron & Sloane Howell - Cleat Catcher

Nicole Willams - Stealing Home

L.J. Shen - Blood to Dust

Devon Hartford - Broken Lion

J.C. Valentine - METTLE

Jennifer L. Armentrout - Torn

Q.T. Ruby - A Moment of Truth

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Heart

When Summer Came Calling: An Anthology

Ilsa Madden Mills - BriarCrest Academy

Lucia Franco - Balance

K.A. Linde - All That Glitters Series

Evan Grace - Secret Love

Celia Aaron - Kicked

Katie McGarry - The Long Way Home

Pamela Sparkman - The Moon Shines Red

Penelope Ward - Neighbor Dearest

Sydney Logan - Breathe Again

Amanda Dick - In the Shadow of Satellites

Bella Jewel - Fleeting Moments

L.P. Dover - Last Chance (A Second Chance Novel)

S.R. Grey - Today's Promises

J.C. Valentine - Surrender to Love

J.L. Berg - The Ready Series

Janine Infante Bosco - Eternal Temptations

Amo Jones - 136 Scars

K. Ryan - All of the Lights

Micalea Smeltzer - When Stars Collide

Jamie Summer - Broken Jar of Memories

Lili St. Germain - Empire

Kristen Luciani - Joint Venture

Regina Bartley - I Can't Die Alone

Meghan Quinn - Stroked Long

Jill Patten - BLUE

Jesse Lorenzo - Marked Series

J.C. Valentine - Trust

Bethany-Kris - Thin Lives

Grace White - Awaken (The Lilituria Prophecy #1)

J.C. Valentine - Her Only Salvation

Clarissa Wild - Ruin

Stylo Fantome - Neighbors

Kendall Ryan - The Fix-Up

Niquel - Jamison

L.H. Cosway & Penny Reid - The Cad & The Co-Ed

SD Hendrickson - My Lucky Days

Hot For Teacher Box Set

Amelie S. Duncan - Match Fit

Emily Goodwin - Jailbait

Kandi Steiner - A Love Letter to Whiskey

Layla Hagen - Your Inescapable Love

Janine Infante Bosco - Drifter (Nomad Series #1)

L.A. Cotton - Liar, Liar

Melinda Leigh - Midnight Love Series

J.C. Valentine - Buried Secrets

Rebecca Norinne - Trying Sophie

Vi Keeland - Ego Maniac

Melanie Moreland - It Started With A Kiss

L.A. Cotton - Allure (The Lilituria Prophecy #2)

KL Krieg - Lost in Between

Janine Infante Bosco - The Riverdale Series Boxset

Clare Dugmore - All It Takes

Natasha Madison - Pieces of Heaven

Carmen Jenner - Savage Saints MC

Love Revealed - J.C. Santo

Jude by Kathy Coopmans

Full Circle by Casey Peeler

Rising Flames by Kennedy Layne

Dear Dixie by J.L. Baldwin

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