Thursday, December 28, 2017

~*♥Release Blitz with Review♥*~ You've Got Fail by Celia Aaron

Title: You've Got Fail
Author: Celia Aaron
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 26, 2017

I single-handedly built the hottest website for dating and relationship advice. Got a question? Scarlet Rocket can answer it for you. I was your modern day agony aunt with the solutions to all your pesky personal problems. The only issue? I was actually a man named Willis Halloran, not the female Scarlet Rocket. I thought my secret was safe. But then a sexy con artist calling herself Scarlet Rocket began showing up at society events, pretending to be me. I couldn’t let it go, so I tracked her down and confronted her. It went well … except for the part where she stole my wallet. Oh, and the part where she conned my agent into having us work together. And after that? Let’s just say she wound up stealing something much more valuable than my wallet or my [fake] name.

Title: You've Got Fail
Author: Celia Aaron
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Adult
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Rating: ★★★★ 1/2 Stars (Rounded to 5 for Goodreads, Amazon and any other retailers)

Celia Aaron is an author I know about, but knowing is only half the battle. I've never actually read one of her books before. Until now, that is.

I think the reason why I never read her before, is because this is the book I needed most from her, which is strange I'm sure. But the elements that all came together in this story: the characters, the funny banter, the story in general as I had never seen it done before (mistaken identities sure, but this went beyond that), they all worked extremely well together and created one heck of an interesting story.

What really sold me and made this as high a rated book as it is, are the characters and where they find themselves as the story begins. The real Scarlet Rocket, versus the one making the rounds in the 'real world'. It was main characters and the other characters that while not shown quite as much, made a pretty big impact and left a lasting mark as I flipped the pages. It was definitely the humor since humor drove a very big portion of this book, and the little tidbits of things, such as where the name Scarlet Rocket really comes from. All of these things made this story near impossible to put down.

It was constant hits of funny when I needed laughs most and it was a storyline that was thoroughly enjoyable, right up to the very end. Even with the things that I didn't see coming. Such as the more dramatic events closer to the closing of the book.

This is a story for readers who are fans of romantic comedy and a band of characters that are unique on their own, and even greater when they're all brought together. I also believe that for the fans of the author already, this one probably won't stray far from what you've already come to know and love, though since this is my first read of hers, you have to read and see for yourself.

I'm looking forward to reading more of this author, especially as it pertains to stories of this nature, in the future.

My thanks to all of the people involved, along with the author, in letting me read a copy of this story before official release.

Celia Aaron is a recovering attorney who loves romance and erotic fiction. Dark to light, angsty to funny, real to fantasy—if it’s hot and strikes her fancy, she writes it. Want a free bestselling book? 

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