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~*♥Blog Tour with Review♥*~ Darkest Before Dawn by Stevie J. Cole


“Dark, gritty and utterly captivating. I couldn’t put this book down!” - USA Today Bestselling Author, Natasha Knight



Sixty-four days in captivity. Sixty-four days to lose yourself—or find yourself. I’m Ava Donovan. I was abducted at the age of nineteen. I’m told I’m a survivor, but the truth is, I only survived because he saved me. Even when he kept me locked in that room—he saved me. Constantly wondering when and how you will die, that does something to you. To your mind. But what do you do when it does something to your heart? What do you do when the man holding you captive seems just as broken as you are, when his mere presence becomes a comfort you crave—when you love him even though you shouldn’t? You smile and tell yourself it’s okay because love has no morals. Sixty-four days in captivity gave me a love most people will never have and my freedom took it all away.





Title: Darkest Before Dawn
Author: Stevie J. Cole
Genre: Dark Contemorary Romance, Thriller, Suspense
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Rating: ★★★★
Reviewer: Melyssa
I’ve only got one word for this story.


I don’t think there’s an author I’ve read that can take a character that by all accounts is supposed to be a “bad guy” and within the first couple of chapters, make me actually feel for him. Sympathize with him and his plight. Become emotionally attached to him in a way that is anything but healthy. Stevie J Cole does that in every single book she writes.

I mean these are guys that kill other people. They’re merciless in it. And regardless of the reasoning for it, they’re still taking another life. I should hate that. It should turn me inside out. But with the way she spins this tale, the way Max is built and just what motivated and drives him within this story, I can’t do anything of those things. I can only love him.

Yeah, you heard me. I’m in love with a killer.

Bring on the therapy!

That being said, it speaks a great deal to the author’s ability to bring her characters to life if she is able to evoke that response in me. In anyone, really. These aren’t one dimensional characters on the page. They feel as though they’re real people, with real thoughts, feelings and a ton of layers that as each page is turned, becomes unravelled until by books end, you’re getting the entire picture of them. Them as people apart from one another and what drives them as a couple.

Was this an easy book to read? No. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s not supposed to be. It’s labelled as dark for a reason. There are triggers here people. Very graphic looks into some pretty horrendous stuff I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, but also instances that were very real in how they were portrayed. It won’t be a book for someone easily triggered or with a weaker disposition. There are ugly parts just as much as there are truly moving and beautiful parts to this. So if you’re easily triggered, here’s your warning. Tread carefully.

I didn’t find this to be as twisted as some of the authors other outings though. Where in the past, I’ve physically had to take breaks from her stories when things become way too freaking real, this didn’t happen here. I had to pause a couple of times, take a breath and remember this was fiction, I do that with all of her stories at one point or another, but I didn’t have to walk away. Because as I said above, there was a hell of a lot of beauty to be found in this twisted tale and it was that where I resided.

This book turned out to be everything I went in hoping it would be, but also so much more and I think if you can handle the darker aspects of this story, then it’s definitely one you need to pick up and read. It needs to be read to be believed. And it’s my hope in doing so, you’ll see the beauty beneath all the dark layers too.

My thanks to the author and all others involved for letting me read a copy of this story before its official release into the world. It was a journey I’m so glad to have taken.

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About the Author

Stevie J. Cole is a secret rock star. Sex, drugs and, oh wait, no, just sex. She’s a whore for a British accent and has an unhealthy obsession with Russell Brand. She and LP Lovell plan to elope in Vegas and breed the world’s most epic child.

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