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~*★Release Blitz with Review★*~ Fight for Me by Jessica Linden

FIGHT FOR ME by Jessica Linden
E-Original published by Swerve
Publication Date: August 30, 2016
ISBN: 9781250119155
Price: $3.99


Raised in the streets, Knox is a battle-worn MMA fighter with no past, present, or future. Fighting every day just to survive, Knox owns nothing but the pride in his victories and the scars on his hands. When his control snaps and he must flee the city to keep his life, he runs into a stunning woman with the same intent. All big eyes and delicate features, she's not cut out to survive on her own. And when finding her own inner strength leads to a shocking act of violence, Knox knows he must protect her at all costs...

Natalie couldn't spend another day under her father's lock and key. Raised to be the perfect picture of wealth and sophistication, she detests the dark, ugly side of her father's greed. Refusing to be held captive by her life a moment longer, she escapes his fortress - and runs right into the arms of the strongest, most dangerous, most desirable man she's ever met. As instant attraction leads to explosive passion, Natalie finds she cannot leave his side. But as their pursuers loom closer and threaten to tear them apart, Natalie and Knox have to decide: is it easier to stand apart? Or is a love this strong worth the fight?



Exclusive Excerpt

Natalie spun, and her eyes focused on her rescuer, getting a good look at him for the first time. His eyes were hard and fierce, and for a moment she regretted not listening to his demands that she run. She should be scared. This man was dangerous. He looked it, and she’d already seen firsthand what he was capable of. Would she be any safer with him?
Yes. Instinctively she knew she was. He’d put his life on the line to save hers. She could trust him.
Looking into his eyes now, she felt the panic slowly begin to leave her and her thoughts became a little more coherent. Looking at him, in the middle of this blood-soaked horrible alley, she found her center in an unlikely place—in the abyss of his dark eyes. Something clicked when she looked at him.
“Are you okay?” re repeated.
She nodded, then glanced to the side at the body next to her. His back was to her and through his hair matted with blood, she could see into his head. She squeezed her eyes shut and turned her face away. Even though she knew the answer, she had to ask.
“Is he … did I kill him?”
His expression was grim, and she knew she had. She was a murderer. Oh God, oh God, oh God.
No, stop. There was no time for this. She looked at the man’s face again and found her focus.
His face softened a touch, and he held his hand out. “Come on.”
She looked up at him. “What should we do?”
“We need to get out of here.”
She looked over at the body once more and wrapped her arms around herself. “I killed him.” Her lip trembled, but she sucked it in. This was no time for tears.
“You had no choice.” He paused. “Why was he after you?”
“He was sent by my father.” Her voice was mechanical. She didn’t even know this guy’s name. She squeezed her eyes shut. That’s not important right now. “My father is not a good man,” she added.
Sirens blared in the distance.
“Fuck.” He grabbed the gun and hastily wiped it down with his T-shirt, then hesitated briefly before tossing it into the Dumpster.
“We need to get out of here,” he repeated holding out his hand again. The sirens got louder, their urgency snapping her out of her fog, and she put her hand in his.

Title: Fight for Me
Author: Jessica Linden
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports – MMA, Suspense
Series or Standalone: Standalone
1/2 Stars (Rounded to 5* for Goodreads and Amazon)
Alpha male MMA style Fighter: Check.
Virgin Heroine: Check
Crazy as hell ride on the run: Check

This book was a different read for me. Not because it was a combination of some of my favorite genre’s but because of the way it all played out. It was different than a lot of the books of this type that I come across in reading travels.

There’s no denying my interest lately in MMA/UFC style books. It’s the inner fangirl of the sport of it coming out in me, but what I normally get from one of those, I didn’t get here. In fact, I think in a lot of different ways I got a whole lot more.

Knox was your typical angry fighter and as mentioned above he was definitely an alpha male primarily, but he had quite a bit more to him than that. He wasn’t really typical in any other way. He wasn’t a manwhore or a player. He wasn’t a complete jerk. Which honestly is what I'm used to a lot of the time in these types of stories.

There was more than the need to fight and the need to feed his anger. A softness to him, as much as there was the protective alpha style. He saw his girl, he got his girl (even if at points he didn’t feel worthy of said girl) and he protected that girl until the very end. All while falling in love and lust with her in the process.

This book definitely dabbles on the side of insta-love, as their connection is quite quick and with as fast paced as the novel was already, based on the more suspenseful angle of it all, it appears within the first few pages and doesn’t really let up the whole way through. So if that aspect really isn’t your speed, you might not enjoy this. But since insta love really doesn’t bother me much—sometimes I downright love it—it was onwards and upwards here.

I gotta say, virginal heroines are done a lot in romantic fiction and because of that, I seem to have a lower tolerance for them than some others, but here, it really didn’t bother me much either. In fact, I think the whole guy from the wrong side of the tracks being the first of a girl from the supposed “right” side of it, played very well here.

They were both very similar in their needs honestly, both wanting to break free of bigger evils and even though they were brought together because of a horrible experience, the way they stick together through it, become stronger because of it was truly a beautiful thing to read.

Knox was strong, loyal, fierce and damn near swoon worthy honestly, especially in the ways he handled or rather, the way he was with Natalie. And getting to see Natalie really come into herself, becoming stronger and more determined to not live life under her father was a pretty great thing to be a part of as well.

Overall, I had no real complaints. For a debut novel by the author, this book read pretty damn great and I would definitely check out more from her in the future.

If you like suspense in your reads, enjoy anything having to do with the fight world and you’re down with a whole lot of steamy loving while two unlikely people find love in one another, then I think you’ll enjoy this.

And for all you ladies out there concerned with safety in books, from what I can tell, especially after speaking with a few of you, I can “safely” say, this one in my estimation is one hundred percent safe. So go fall in love with Knox already ;)

My thanks to the author and all others involved in letting me read this before its official release. It’s a journey that while wild and crazy is one that I’m super glad that I got to be a part of.

About the Author

JESSICA LINDEN lives in Virginia with her college-sweetheart husband, two rambunctious sons, and two rowdy but lovable rescue dogs. Since her house is overflowing with testosterone, it’s a good thing she has a healthy appreciation for Marvel movies, Nerf guns, and football. Her books include Fight for Me.

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