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~*★Release Blitz with Review★*~ Sliding Down the Sky by Amanda Dick

Title: Sliding Down the Sky
Author: Amanda Dick
Release Date: April 11, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Callum Ferguson has grown up in the shadow of the sins of his father. The worst moment of his life came not at the age of sixteen, when he threw his father out of the house, but later in life, when he realised he was just like him. With a predilection for alcohol and violence, he sees his destiny every time he looks in the mirror.

Sass Hathaway, hell-raiser and successful musician, thrived in the limelight – until one night she lost it all. Drowning in an ocean of uncertainty, nursing a crippling case of self-loathing, her brother offers her a chance to find herself again.

His idea of salvation is a dilapidated bar. His proposal; she help him and his wife renovate and run it. However, when she and Callum cross paths, they both discover that salvation comes in many forms.

You can’t escape your past, you can only come to terms with it so that you can move on – but accepting your past is only the beginning. Then you must decide whether you’re strong enough to follow your heart.

(This can be read as a stand-alone, but reading ‘Absolution’ is recommended in order to get the most out of this story).

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Title: Sliding Down the Sky
Author: Amanda Dick
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Rating: ★★★★
Reviewer: Melyssa
It’s safe to say that when reading an Amanda Dick story, I know that by the end of it, I am going to be moved, both emotionally and physically. I also know that I am going to have my heartstrings pulled on, even torn apart at times, but intricately put together by the end.

It’s these things that I go in expecting and what draws me so much to her work and just like her previous books, she doesn’t disappoint or scrimp with this one.

My heart broke for both Callum and Sass from the moment this story picks up. They’re both drifting. So incredibly lost and disconnected from the people that their hearts know they are. They’re let circumstances, life altering ones at that, take over their mind and override their heart until they’ve become mere shadows of themselves.

But this is what I enjoy so much about this authors work. Because not only does the road to love for both of them seem to bring them back into their own, healing them in a sense, but they also become stronger on their own. Coming back into their own in such a heart wrenching and moving way that it’s impossible not to be moved by them or their journey to happiness.

And moved I was.

After reading and falling in love with Callum as much as I did Jack throughout Absolution, when I heard that he was going to be getting his own book I was over the moon and now having finished it, I can say that it was definitely worth the wait. It was everything I wanted for Callum and more.

Add the appearance of Sass’s brother, his wife and their daughter, along with the reappearance of Jack and Ally, and the nice little glimpse we’re given into their lives at the same time as we get to watch Callum fall in love, and I was left wanting nothing. The only complaint at all that I have is that it had to end.

On a final note though, the quotes at the beginning of each chapter and how they correlated into the chapter that followed…well, it was a very nice touch and quite a few times, I would pause and just let the words set in because they resonated. So my hat is off to you for that little treat, author lady. You did good.

My thanks to the author and all others that were involved in letting me read this before official release. Callum and Sass’s journey is a beautiful one that I am so glad I got to witness.


About the Author

Amanda Dick

Amanda Dick is a night-owl, coffee addict, movie buff and music lover. She loves to do DIY (if it's not bolted down, she'll probably paint it, re-cover it or otherwise decorate it) and has tried almost every craft known to man/womankind. She has two sewing machines and an over-locker she can't remember how to thread. She crochets (but can't follow a pattern), knits (badly) and refrains from both as a public service.

She believes in love at first sight, in women's intuition and in following your heart. She is rather partial to dark chocolate and believes in the power of a good vanilla latte.

What lights her fire is writing stories about real people in trying situations. Her passion is finding characters who are forced to test their boundaries. She is insanely curious about how we, as human beings, react when pushed to the edge. Most of all, she enjoys writing about human behaviour - love, loss, joy, grief, friendship and the complexity of relationships in general.

After living in Scotland for five years, she has now settled back home in New Zealand, where she lives with her husband and two children.

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