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~*♥Release Blitz♥*~ What Lies Beneath (Count On Me #7) by Melyssa Winchester

What Lies Beneath
Author: Melyssa Winchester
Series: Count On Me #7
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mature YA
Release Date: April 19, 2016


“Look forward.” 
They say.
“Focus on what comes next. Not on what came before.” 
I want to do that.
I just can’t.
Not until I find that book, hand it over, and make Isabelle see that even when things were at their bleakest, she was there.
Make her understand that she’s always been with me.
Right from the very start. 

Every happy ending has a beginning...
This is ours.

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♥♥♥Exclusive Excerpt♥♥♥

“Jesus Christ.” I curse under my breath, closing the stupid book and whipping it across the room with a growl rivalling a caged lion. “A real fucking bang up job I did with that, huh?”
Hanging my head and throwing my hands into my hair, I yank on and pull it, consumed by every ounce of guilt and self-loathing I have. Following it up by angrily dragging my hand down over my face as I expel the world’s heaviest sigh. One I’m sure is coming straight from my broken heart.
Reading this shit, it’s breaking my heart the same way I did hers. I can actually feel parts of it splintering, like a piece of wood being shredded. But instead of the shards just falling bloody to the ground, they’re turning around and stabbing me.
What fucking thought process went into that choice I made the first day of freshman year? What planet was I living on where I thought treating the girl like a piece of shit was the way to keep her safe?
Better yet, after everything that went down earlier between Belle and my brother, what possessed me to think diving straight into when things became even more fractured between us was the way to go?
Ugh. I just want this nightmare over with already.
I’m ready to look forward now, I swear to god.
“Kay…” she breaks through, pausing me mid pace, but where before now, I wouldn’t have hesitated meeting her eyes, I can’t so much as turn in the direction of her voice. Can’t meet those eyes. The ones that clearly show me everything she feels because she wears everything so damn openly.
I can’t bear to see what the monster coming to life again has done to them.
It’s just too damn bad she’s not on the same page.
Calling out to me again and huffing heavily when I don’t so much as twitch in her direction, she’s across the floor in a flash. Her hands on my face. Yanking me with a force I didn’t even know she possessed, until I’ve got nowhere to look but at her.
“How many more?” she demands, and the cold detached sound of her normally sing song voice plunges the knife in even deeper. I’m almost afraid to look down because I don’t want to see what it actually feels like to bleed out emotionally.
“More what?” I finally manage to choke out through my internal despair.
“How many more entries after this one?”
“Good.” She states and I roll my eyes. Hard pressed to see anything good about the situation we now find ourselves in. “Here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m going to let you go, and you’re going to sit. I’m going to get the book off the floor and we’re gonna read it together.”
No fucking way. I’m done. Walk down memory lane is finished. Over it.
“Excuse me?” she asks, surprised.  “I was unaware I was giving you a choice.”
What the hell?
“Belle, I can’t. Please. I know this was my bright idea, but I can’t do it anymore. I can’t break you again.”
“Of course you can’t break me, Kayden. It’s because you never broke me in the first place.” She spits out, sounding more like me with every angry word muttered. Further proving my point.
Maybe she’s right and I didn’t break her, but all the shit I’ve written, especially after we stopped hanging out, sure has changed her. She’s not the same girl anymore.
I threw her right into the fire pit and stood watch as she burned.

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About the Author

Melyssa Winchester

Melyssa is a mother of four from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

She’s currently working on Luke Grayson's story from Remembering Sunday, Ready When You Are and the third book in the Black & Blue series, Heroine.

When she’s not writing, you can find her buried under the covers with her portable DVD player, watching marathons of Supernatural and Veronica Mars. When those aren’t available, she can be found curled up in a corner with her e-reader and a plethora of books, falling in love with characters written so well she deems them her book boyfriends and girlfriends.

If you want to find her, check Facebook or Twitter (@WinchesterBooks) as she may just have an addiction to both. If those don’t work you can always keep up with her progress on her personal site.

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