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~*★Review★*~ Lessons Learned by Sydney Logan

Lessons Learned
Author: Sydney Logan
Release Date: October 17, 2014


A young girl needs to spread her wings, but a young woman needs roots.

English teacher Sarah Bray never thought she’d return to Sycamore Falls, but a traumatic event at her inner-city school leaves her desperate for the sanctuary of home. By returning to her roots, an older and wiser Sarah hopes to deal with the demons of her present and confront the ghosts of her past.

She discovers a kindred spirit in Lucas Miller, a teacher from New York with demons of his own. As the newest faculty members at Sycamore High School, they quickly become friends – bonding through Lucas’s culture shock and their mutual desire to build new lives. When they open their wounded hearts to each other, their friendship effortlessly evolves into romance.

Their love is put to the test when Matt, the quarterback of the football team, shares his deepest secret with Sarah. When the conservative community finds out, Sarah and Lucas – along with the town of Sycamore Falls – are schooled in the lessons of acceptance, tolerance, and love.

Title: Lessons Learned
Author: Sydney Logan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Rating: ★★★★★
Reviewer: Diane
Sydney Logan's stories tend to play on my emotions in a way I never thought possible.  Her refreshing stories are sweet and very inspiring.  Lessons Learned went way above and beyond all that and so much more.  This story deserves a beautiful 6 star review.

  Copy of Lessons Learned provided by Sydney Logan in exchange for an honest and spoiler free review.

This story is about Sarah a school teacher who returns to her hometown after suffering some traumatic events at her previous school.  Lucas needs a fresh start after being wrongfully accused of a crime he was innocent of.  They met by chance and became fast friends to being in love.  They are living in a conservative, sheltered town who have a problem accepting people that are different from what is expected of them.  In the middle of all the controversy is Matt a senior in high school, which happens to be in Sarah's class.  Matt is going through a crisis that only Sarah, with the help of Lucas, can help him accept who he is.  Sarah's history is about to repeat itself, now she must help Matt in order to get a positive outcome this time around.

  I loved this story so much that I read way past my bedtime to the point that I just couldn't let go.  I was so emotionally distraught that I just couldn't fall asleep after being done reading it.

  It's so beautifully written with a unique storyline.  It felt so real with raw emotions.  Bullying is a daily occurrence that affects a lot of people around the world.  This story broke my heart but Sydney was able to put it back together again effortlessly.

  I admire an author who can step out and write about controversial subjects.  Hate against race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and culture.  This was so much more than a love story, it's about accepting someone for who they are.  It's a very inspiring, intriguing and endearing story.  It relays a powerful message: accepting.

  There is so much going on in this story that my mind was reeling from all the hate and bitterness that some of these characters were harbouring but at the same time, the sense of compassion, love and integrity that others possess that helped with the feelings of hope that no doubt will take place in my heart.

  I loved all the characters, they all played a major role equally important as the next one.  I felt the pain, despair and the feelings of absolute frustration over the situations surrounding these characters.

  This is a standalone told by Sarah's POV but the author wrote it in a way that I got to feel and get to know Lucas very well.  I felt Matt's pain also.  It has an HEA which I was seeking and needed.  All of Sydney's books are worth the reader’s precious time and money.

  P.S.  As an afterthought that I've written in a review before and like to share again.  Authors are real people with real emotions that write what comes out of their creative minds. Some authors are being bullied through reviews.  Books are works of art and not everyone will like a certain book or genre.  Give positive criticism that are politely worded, without being hurtful.  If you don't like the book or the author don't read it, it's the freedom of choice.

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