Wednesday, January 6, 2016

~*★Review Tour★*~ Cage's Misconduct (NHL Scorpions #3) by Nikki Worrell


Dalton ‘Cage’ Booker is the number one goalie for the San Diego Scorpions. Most people describe him as willful and stubborn—sometimes even difficult to control. More often than not, words fly out of his mouth without the benefit of passing through his brain first. And women love him.

Karen LaGrange, little sister of the former enforcer for the Scorpions, lives in Canada, where she works with special needs children. After losing her job to downsizing, she makes an extended visit to San Diego, forming a friendship with the errant goalie.

Through frequent reminders that they are friends without benefits, Karen struggles to keep their relationship platonic, but the more she shuts him down, the more he wants her.

Can Cage convince Karen to slip under the sheets with him, or is he destined to be firmly entrapped in the friend zone?

Title: Cage's Misconduct
Author: Nikki Worrell
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports
Release Date: September 28, 2015
Rating: ★★★★
Reviewer: Melyssa
This was a new one for me.

I don’t normally pick up hockey books, romance or otherwise, but there was something about the blurb of this one that just pulled me in. I’m glad that it did. Considering this was also by an author that I’d never read before, it was a pretty great win all the way around.

We’ve got Cage, the “typical” hockey star. You know the type. Will do whatever whenever with as many different puck bunnies as he can get and isn’t really interested in changing. Not for anyone.

Then, on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got the sister of a hockey star in Karen. Someone whose life is far less glamorous than that of the goalie she meets and eventually falls for. While fun and outgoing, more of a homebody type who enjoys what she does for a living. Working with special needs children.

Opposites really, but not at the same time. Because there is so much more to Cage than meets the eye. Things that you don’t get to see until he meets and gets shot down by Karen. Someone who wants to be more than just a lay and in the end, becomes that and so much more

I love characters that have more than one layer to them. Ones that as the story progresses, you see different shades of. Things that people only looking at the surface would never see and Cage was most definitely like that.

He wasn’t perfect, he played games, screwed around and screwed up, but his heart, especially as it pertained to his family and Karen, was just so damn perfect. There even being one point with a fan where he legitimately made me melt and awww out loud lol. He was great.

Karen worked for me too, on multiple different levels. She wasn’t easy walked on or over. She didn’t take crap, from her brother or from Cage and even though she felt an attraction, she held firm a lot of the time in terms of not just being a conquest. She was a pretty great character.

I think the pacing of this story, the way that it didn’t move super quickly and everything seemed to take its time (even with the right amount of drama thrown in) was well done. Had these two moved really quickly and fallen into bed they wouldn’t have worked for me. But this, the way that they started as friends and things progressed until a pretty unexpected event happens and awakens things even more was the best possible thing for them. It made them feel real to me.

It wasn’t just a fictional story anymore, but something I could actually unfolding in real time. So my hat is off to the author.

This was a great read and I’ll definitely be checking out more from this author in the future.

My thanks to the author and all others involved in letting me real this. It’s a journey that I’m glad I was a part of.

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