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~*★Release Blitz with Review★*~ Just One Moment (Just One #4) by Stacey Lynn

Title: Just One Moment
Series: Just One #4 (Standalone)
Author: Stacey Lynn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 26, 2016


Ex-military man, Lynx Anders has one surefire weapon that destroys all of his pain and suffering--SEX.

Lots of raw, unattached, uninhibited sex.
Sure, it doesn't cure him of all that he's seen--all that he's done in combat, but it helps--for the time being.

But when he has one night of unadulterated, mind-blowing passion with Sarah Linscum, Lynx realizes that one night is not enough--will never be enough.

Her upbeat and bubbly exterior broke through his tough-guy armor, and he wants more. Bound and determined to uncover why Sarah's eyes mirror his own in pain and despair, Lynx sets out to make them shine as bright as her.

As they both know, it takes just one moment to change everything.

Together, can they heal from the demons that chase them in their dreams and find a way to not only heal…but love?

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Title: Just One Moment
Author: Stacey Lynn
Release Date: January 25, 2016
Rating: ★★★★
Reviewer: Diane
This wonderful story about courage, forgiveness and redemption deserves no less than a 5 star review.  It's a story of different whirlwind emotions that made me feel a wide range of them throughout this journey.  From the very moment I started reading this story I was held captive by the wonderful different characters and the amazing writing.

  This is about Sarah and Lynx which are so alike in many ways.  They share a common problem, they suffer from PTSD.  They use a coping mechanisms that they think that can help them in the now.  Sarah tries really hard to be brave and not show how badly she's still suffering from the effects of her past mistakes.  She doesn't let anyone get close enough to her to let them in and know the real incredible person she is.  She however has courage to share her experience with other people by doing some public speaking.  Sarah can't seem to be able to forget her past and thinks she doesn't deserve to be loved.  Lynx has been to war, so you can only imagine what he's going through.  They both have battle scars that they carry with them every day.
  So they agree to a no strings attached relationship that benefits both of them for now.  Then feelings comes in to change the game plan.  Together they will find what they need in each other in order to heal and be able to move on to a healthier relationship.

  “Looks to me like someone loves you.  You just have to let them, and I swear, it makes everything easier."

  This beautifully written story got me reading for hours on out.  The story telling flows smoothly and effortlessly.  From the very first page read, this story drew me in deep.  Stacey has a way in bringing scenes to life that can be heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time.  Their feelings were felt throughout my wellbeing.  This is not a story with many twists and turns, it's a journey to healing.  Just enough angst to keep this story enticing.  A seamless plot with a great storyline that was not rushed and characters that were well developed.  If the readers love intense steamy scenes, well there in for a ride.  The chemistry between these two is off the charts.  But there is so much more to this story than only the physical aspect.  It's a romance novel but with real feelings that the different characters go through.  It's also all about forgiving themselves for past mistakes and how to start healing.

  This is the fourth book in the Just One Song series.  It can be easily read as standalone.  I had read book 1 and 2.  The characters from the third book as well as the first one, play a somewhat significant role in this story.  The author wrote it so I didn't feel confused about the progression of the story.  She made sure to share a few key points and some details to get me up to date.  It's told in dual POV and has an HEA.  This story is recommended to mature readers due to strong language and some of the hottest steamy scenes read.  I strongly recommend this book.  All of Stacey Lynn's other books are worth your time and money.
Author Bio

Stacey Lynn is the #1 Erotic Bestseller of Don't Lie To Me. She lives in the midwest with her husband and four young children. She can usually be found lost inside her own head, trying to bring her characters to life. When she's engaged in the real world, she's spending time with her family, drinking large amounts of coffee, and eating Skittles by the handful.

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