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~*★Release Blitz with Review★*~ Goodbye, with Love by Niquel

Title: Good-bye, with Love
Author: Niquel
Genre: Young Adult/New Adult
Release Date: January 15, 2016


Have you ever wished you could have something so bad, even though you knew it was forbidden?

Jonathan Gates was just that—forbidden. He was everything I could ever want in a man: charming, a great listener, open-minded, and funny. It also didn't hurt that he was easy on the eyes.

We'd been through a lot together: breakups, makeups, firsts, lasts, and anything else you can imagine. I was once told he was my soul mate, but I refused to believe that.

I didn't want to love him. I didn't want to fall for him because...he was my best friend!

But I did, and I fell for him hard. I was in love with my best friend, and it was time he knew how I really felt.

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Title: Goodbye, with Love
Author: Niquel
Release Date: January 15, 2016
Rating: ★★★★
Reviewer: Diane
The ARC of Good-Bye, with Love by Niquel was provided in exchange for an honest and spoiler free review.  This is my 4 star review.

  This journey started when Mickey and Johnny were still both young.  Mickey was going through so thought times when she was 12 years old and Johnny was there to help her through it.  Johnny being the new kid, took to Mickey and they became inseparably best friends.  Life got in the way with circumstances behind their control so they were separated for quite a number of years on and off.  Then as young adults with choices of their own they will reunite.  Will they get to finally have their happily ever after?

  It's a sad but yet sweet story.  It's about young love that will never die.  Soul mates to be exact.  This is not only a love story, but also about friendship and friends supporting each other through difficult times.

  The only reason I can't make it a 5 star is because a lot of time was spent in their younger days and I felt the end was rushed.  But overall it's nicely written with great characters.

  It's a standalone written in dual POV and with an HEA.  I would recommend this book.
Title: Goodbye, with Love
Author: Niquel
Release Date: January 15, 2016
Rating: ★★★★
Reviewer: Melyssa
Every once in a while a book comes along and delivers something that you’re not quite expecting when you first pick it up. Goodbye, with Love is one of those books for me. Which is kind of awesome considering this is the first time I've had the pleasure of reading anything by this author.

What took me by surprise at first was the way the story started. Told at first through diary entries of main character Mickey as at a very young age she’s diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and begins chemotherapy in order to treat it was definitely something I didn’t expect when I started.

I was also surprised with just how young the characters were. I went into this figuring it would be young adult, but other than the occasional book that I read over from my younger days, this is definitely the youngest I’ve read lately. The majority of this tale being told from the age of 12/13.

Once I was swept up into the relationship that begins with Mickey and Johnny, I was taken in by the level of maturity Johnny seemed to display. I can safely say being the mom of boys and coming into contact with a lot of their friends, there aren’t many boys at that age that would be as supportive as Johnny was. Care as much as he did. I came away with not only a great deal of love for that character but also respect. So kudos to the author for that.

This story was equal parts adorable, sweet and sad, but definitely one that I’m glad I took the chance on. Making me feel more than I thought I would as it all unfolded and even a time or two bringing a tear to my eye.

The only thing keeping this from being a full 5* was the way it ended. With the amount of time that was spent on them when they were young, how their friendship came about and blossomed and then as it became something more, I guess I was expecting just a little bit more in terms of the way it all wrapped up. It did seem to be a little rushed. But this wasn’t enough to take away from the overall feel of the story too much for me.

I’m a sucker for friends to lovers’ romances and even more so of the ones that don’t exactly come easy, so this one, it was right up my alley. If you enjoy those types like me, I think you’ll enjoy this. If you’re a fan of romance in general, whether young adult or otherwise, I think you’ll get something out of this if you give it the chance.

My thanks to the author and all others involved in letting me read this before release.

About the Author

Niquel is a self diagnosed coffee addict, lover of rice and beans, and chocolate—preferably not all together. She’s the creator of multiple stories full of love, passion, and power. She may toss in a ghost story every once in a while.

When she’s not busy writing or creating graphics, she’s taking care of her two little girls. Or you can find her binge watching TV with her significant other.

Boston born and raised, she’s always been a creative soul: attending multiple colleges to develop her love of the visual arts.

You can contact her on her website or Facebook.

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