Sunday, September 13, 2015

~*★Review★*~ Cocky Bastard by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

Title: Cocky Bastard
Author: Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult 
Series or Standalone: Standalone 
Reviewer: Melyssa
It’s not very often I can say without reservation that I’ve come across a book that had everything I could ever want within its pages. Yet, here we are and that is EXACTLY what I’m saying.

This worked for me on every level imaginable. The romance, the humor, the steam level, the second chance love story feel. The pacing, the characters and their growth over the time span of the book. All of it just came together to nail what might quite possibly be my favorite read of 2015.

So here’s where I break down everything I said above and why it worked for me.

I’m gonna start with the pacing. This story is broken down into two parts and in the end two POV’s (Can I just say, thank the lord for that?). The first part being shown from Aubrey’s eyes and containing her first meeting and subsequent road trip with the absolute delight that was Chance. The second taking place two years later, told from Chance’s POV and showing his attempt at making right what had gone down two years before. Writing wrongs, admitting feelings and genuinely being the sweetheart character that he’d been throughout.  Both parts flowing into each other flawlessly, without a beat being missed. It read quickly, it read clean and most of all, there was no point at all where that pacing slowed or became too much.  The flow of this story, given two authors being behind was damn near magical in how it was presented. So ladies, my hats off!

Now, I feel that before I go on, I should admit that I’ve never experienced either of these authors before. I own books by them, but due to other books coming across the blogs I review for and then my lack of time with my own writing, I never got around to experiencing them before now (sorry ladies!). So basically I went in blind to how this book was going to read. Their writing styles, both separate and together. All of it.

But this is me going on record saying, that if their other books even remotely read the way this one did, I’m getting on their previous works STAT. They blew me away.

Characters. The most integral part to any book. But no more so than romance. I gotta feel for both of them separately if I want to root for them at all romantically and in this case, it was nailed on both counts. I was learning about Aubrey right along with Chance and vice versa and I loved what I learned. I’ll admit that I was drawn more to Chance here than Aubrey, but come on. For anyone that’s read it, or even seen a snippet of this, you get why that is. Have you seen the way Chance is in this? Damn.
It’s not often you read a romance and you just adore every part of a character. There is always going to be some nuance that sets you off or pulls you away. At least, that’s been my case. With this book that didn’t happen. The way Chance was, the way he loved and what he did to prove just how all-in for Aubrey he was…well, it blew me away. It’s still blowing me away and it’s been hours since I stopped reading. Like I would consider this book the best one I’ve read in 2015, I’m going on record saying this is my top book boyfriend of the year. What a breathtakingly beautiful soul he was.

Thank you ladies for giving him to the world.

Okay enough about Chance.

Aubrey. I can see the second half of this book driving some people crazy where she’s concerned. The situation that Aubrey is in when Chance comes across her again after their two years apart, is not exactly ideal for a rekindling of what they shared. But it was a realistic situation. Sure, she made him work for it a little more than I think she really should have, but at the end of the day, for me that came across realistically enough too. I mean, not all women, especially scorned and hurt ones are created equal. What might not work for me, worked for her. I enjoyed her character from the start. Her humor played off Chance’s quite well. It made me believe in these two once they finally did give into what they were starting to feel for each other and what would eventually be their ending.

I liked the mutual attraction, but slow burn here. It ties into the pacing sure, but I think it bears its own separate mention. This wasn’t something where they jumped in headfirst off the first page and crashed and burned. Now, the road trip together opened the door and they stepped through it, but in small steps until they finally took the leap and it was beautiful. Sexy as hell too I might add.

The humor. I said in one of my status updates that in the first 10% I was going to love this book because I couldn’t stop laughing. It was literal. I mean, even when things got serious, it never got to the point where I felt like I was drowning because the right amount of humor was laced throughout. It was perfect in its execution, much like the rest of the story was.

This is a happily ever after and for this reader, a pretty satisfying one. It didn’t come easy, but when it did, my heart and my soul were ready and warmed by what took place. I won’t go into any more detail than that, because I do believe it needs to be experienced, but I will say that it was an ending true to them. It was unique to Chance and Aubrey and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I cannot say enough good things about this book. I only wish it wasn’t over. This is definitely a book I will be reading again and again. Now, can someone tell me where the hell I can bag myself a Chance? LOL

If you’re fans of these authors, if you love romance, humor and a slow burn that leads into a happily ever after, you’ll enjoy this. If you’re a fan of a hero that doesn’t back down, even when logic dictates he should probably cut his losses, and he just goes all in for what he wants and needs, you’re gonna love this too I think.

I know I did. 

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