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~*★BLOG TOUR w/Review★*~ Fall For Him (Forbidden Trilogy #3) by J.C. Valentine

Fall For Him Tour Banner Fall for Him by J.C. Valentine Forbidden #3 
Publication Date: August 25, 2015 
Also in this series: Dance for Me, Lie to You 

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Two men. Both brothers. One life-changing decision.
I made my choice. One perfect weekend assured me I was right. One set of pictures proved me wrong. Graduating college was supposed to be a happy time. Instead, I lost my best friend and suffered the worst kind of betrayal. Now, my whole life is in flux. I need my best friend. I need answers. There’s only one way to fix this. It’s time for a change. It’s time to take back control of my life, and the only way to do it is to face my problems head-on. Even if it means walking into the lion’s den to do it. 

 *AUTHOR'S NOTE* Fall for Him is the third and final book in the Forbidden Trilogy. Dance for Me (#1) and Lie to You (#2) must be read first.
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About J.C. Valentine

JC Valentine
USA Today Bestselling author J.C. Valentine is the alter-ego of Brandi Salazar, whose enjoyment of tales of romance spurred her to branch out and create her own. She lives in the Northwest with her husband, their wild children, and far too many pets. As a university student, she studies literature, which goes well with her dream of becoming an editor. Brandi entertains a number of hobbies including reading and photography, but her first love is writing fiction-in all its forms.

Title: Fall For Him
Author: J.C. Valentine
Genre: Contemporary Romance. New Adult, Erotica
Series or Standalone: Series (Forbidden #3)
Reviewer: Melyssa

Fall for Him is the third installment in the Forbidden Trilogy and is told from the POV of the main character Josephine (Joe) as she navigates her life after the events that ended the second book Lie to You.

It’s recommended that before you read this one, you go back and read the first two books in the series as they are pertinent to understanding that which takes place in this one.

Much like Lie to You picked up right where the first left off, the same can be said here, but with one noticeable difference. There is a bit of a time jump here when we pick up with Joe as she attempts to get things back on track with her best friend.

When this book picked up, the first thing I noticed that while there were shades of the same Joe that I’ve come to enjoy over the last two installments, she was also different. She came across tougher than before, more goal oriented. Of course, this is during a time period where Rebel isn’t in her immediate vicinity, shaking up all of her senses the way he does, so I know it wouldn’t last forever, but while it was there, and even as it presented itself again throughout the book, I enjoyed seeing this side of her. She may have been ripped and torn apart by what she’d gone through but she wasn’t letting it keep her down.

I also enjoyed the avenue the author took with the more background characters. Brody and Annie most specifically. It was a nice touch considering that right from the jump I enjoyed both of them and wanted good things to happen for them. So kudos to the author for making that a part of this, even if it was only a small part.

This book gave a lot more insight into Rebel. How his mind works, how his heart speaks and what kind of guy he really is underneath all of the bravado and oozing sexuality. The other books had shades of this of course, it wasn’t like it came out of left field, but it was on clear display here and made me (who admittedly was a Ransom fangirl when this ride started), see why Joe would have made him her choice. I definitely understood it here, even when they had moments of tension where I wasn’t sure it was going to work out the way they both wanted and deserved.

Questions that lingered from the previous books were put to bed in this book, along with secrets and games coming to light and being dealt with in a way that made this reader very happy. It made the eventual end that I knew was coming all the more enjoyable.

The pacing or rather, the way the book flows, was much like all of the authors work. It moved at a steady pace throughout. Not so fast that you felt you missed parts and not so slow that you felt bogged down by too much detail and felt the need to step away. In fact, with the way it only took me a little over two hours to devour this, I’d say that it was perfectly executed in that regard and as always, impressed the hell out of me.

Much like the last book, I found this one to be entertaining in more than just the intriguing way. Humor again played a huge part in this one, a lot of the times with the other characters that Joe found herself interacting with, and sometimes even with Ransom and Rebel as well. I laughed hard and I laughed a lot in this, so if that was the author’s intent, I have to say, she nailed it. She took something that could have easily drowned in the heaviness and emotional and made it fun.

As always with the author, the steam level was off the charts in this installment, just like the others, but balanced at the same time with just the right of emotional pull and romance to make it seem like so much more than just sex.

Having finished the story, turned the final page on this series and this couple, I feel that I got everything I could have wanted and more, especially with the way she seemed to push fast forward near the end, giving us glimpses into what their lives would all be like in the future. It was a nice touch to an ending that I was already more than pleased with and served to make me enjoy this entire experience with Joe and Rebel that much more.

As always J.C. You have outdone yourself. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this ride. It’s definitely one I’m glad I took. Now I just need to find myself a Rebel and I’m all set ;) 

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