Saturday, August 15, 2015

~*★Review★*~ Salvation And Secrets (Chastity Falls #2) by L.A. Cotton

Title: Salvation & Secrets
Author: L.A. Cotton
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Suspense
Series or Standalone: Series (Chastity Falls #2)
Rating: ★★★★★

In order to understand what takes place in this book, you must go back to the start and read Loyalty & Lies. This is a series that even with as much background as the author does give you in each continuing book, you need to experience for yourself to truly understand.

Now with that being said, on to my thoughts about this follow up book in the Chastity Falls series.

With the road that the last book took, the way it ended and also the way my heart broke right along with Ana’s, I was frightened to read this one. I was scared to see where Ana and Jackson would be when it started and if they could come back from what they had been put through in the previous book and maintain the connection they shared.

I’ve made no secret of my love of Jackson Pierce. I’m not entirely sure why I feel so strongly toward him, other than the author doing one hell of a job and making him the most sympathetic, yet flawed and imperfect character ever, but I fell for him hard in the first book and if possible even harder in this one. The way the school regards The Fallen, is exactly how I felt I was when it pertained to this particular character. Even now with the last page turned and having gotten to read the third one in ARC form, I’ve got a soft spot for Jackson freaking Pierce.

But there can be no Jackson, not really, without Ana. The struggles Ana experiences right when the book picks up, the despair that is shown as she tries to navigate a life apart from Jackson, wanting to give up and move on, from him and even at times from life, tore me apart. They were extremely hard to read and my heart went out to her. For anyone that has ever struggled with the issues Ana faces in these books, you’ll get it, but for those that haven’t, you will look at it with new eyes when you’re done. It was an issue that the author wrote about with such care that I have to believe she knows someone or has been a part of this in her own life.

Just like the first book, the road to happiness for this couple, both together and apart is not an easy one. There is a constant struggle, a tug of war between what their want in their hearts (each other) and what awaits them if they give into that (family backlash, one or more of them getting hurt).

The story, much like the first book captured me right from page one and gripped me all the way through. Bringing to life moments of sheer bliss while reading, anger (at both characters and some others), love, sadness, heart wrenching agony (for Ana) and even moments of laughter. Basically, this book brought to life every emotional response known to man so that by the time I turned the last page and saw what was waiting and would be explored in the next book, I was lost to the biggest book hangover ever.

Even now, having read the next book, knowing what happens, the result is the same. L.A. Cotton with these characters and their road to happily ever after has officially ruined me.

Amazing characters, gripping story and a pace that continuously moves, keeping you firmly planted on the edge of your seat with no lulls or incidents that didn’t need to be there and you’ve got the recipe for a definite 5* read and this one achieved that and more.

This is a definite recommend for anyone who likes some suspense, mystery and intrigue in their life, on top of romance and characters you just can’t help but feel for and swoon over.

Just know before diving in that it’s a series, so they story will continue on and you’ll be golden. 

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