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~*★Review★*~ Lick (Stage Dive #1) by Kylie Scott

Title: Lick
Author: Kylie Scott
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Series or Standalone: Standalone Series (Stage Dive #1)
Reviewer: Melyssa

This book!

This book took me by surprise. And that wouldn’t be such a big thing, except, it did it multiple times.

Having read a book by this author before starting this one, I went into it already knowing her writing style and the pace at which she moves, though this book did differ from the first one I read because it was longer and more drawn out. A full length to the short story style I had read previously. Basically what I’m getting at is, there were no surprises that way.

The story moved very fluidly, there were no lulls in between. There was only a pissed off reader that had to keep putting it down to deal with real life when she really didn’t want to.

Rockstar stories, no matter how they’re written (young adult, new adult, romance, not romance), they’re a guilty pleasure read for me. It’s like in a way, going behind the velvet rope and getting a bird’s eye view into some real life looking stuff that they deal with when they’re not on stage. So I went into this expecting much of the same I’ve read by others in the past.

That is not what I got here. What I got was so much more.

First thing that got me was the other characters. The “secondary” ones per say, but for the sake of this review, the ones that have their own unique roles in their friends HEA. Mal being the best. Hands down, if by chance I’d hated everything about this couple, he would have saved the book alone. I laughed so much whenever he was on the scene, I felt like he was the “hero”. Lol Fantastic addition!

Now, I didn’t go into this book expecting a really emotional read. I know it’s possible to have one, but given the lifestyle and how fast paced everything seemed, while I did connect to the characters and even to them as a couple once that began, I wasn’t exactly expecting to be moved in a way that would have physical effects.

David and Evelyn, man, they made me physically react. And it wasn’t in the ‘oh these scenes are hot’ way that a lot of people do (though I mean, the scenes were hot). They gutted me in certain parts. I physically felt sick to my stomach, and you know that feeling you have when it feels like your lungs have dropped down into your feet? That feeling of foreboding and just utter sadness? I had that here too. I was all over the map, but no more so than when the proverbial shit hit the fan and Evelyn walked in on something she never should have.

I was torn apart at that point. I cried. I put my kindle down and I just cried, because imagining myself going through something like that, and how it would make me feel in the moment and long after, well my heart just went out to her. I felt her pain. I felt everything having to do with that moment.

What I didn’t feel was David. I was so mad I could spit fire with him at that point, which kudos to the author, is the point. You’re not supposed to like that rockstar book boyfriend that made you swoon less than one chapter before. And that’s what he was for me through this entire thing (mostly). I don’t normally hook my claws into a fictional rockstar and claim him as mine, because they’re usually a little rougher around the edges than I like, but I did with him.  What a guy.

And what a guy I wanted to slug in the throat after what happened with him and Evelyn.

But see, that’s where this book got even better because Ev, she wasn’t your typical heroine. She missed him and she ached for him and she wanted to move on from it all, but when he came back around and he grovelled (which I gotta say was actually kind of awesome), she didn’t give in right away. In fact, she cracked me up with how long she made him wait.

Sure, she makes a choice when they first see each other again that I might not have made, but I got the reasoning behind it. She was giving into the pain at the same time as wanting to make him feel like the crap he should have felt like and it all culminated into that one heated exchange.

It was how it was all dealt with after that cracked me up. She wasn’t easy on him and that made me attach even more to the characters and the story in general. Making this book like I said at the start, take me by surprise.

Kylie Scott, you shared one hell of a story with the world and I’m so glad I came across you and in the end, David and Evelyn. It was well worth every emotion felt. Even if it did take me far too long to find you.

Now bring on Mal! <3 

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