Thursday, August 27, 2015

~*★Review★*~ Into the Storm by Melanie Moreland

Title: Into the Storm
Author: Melanie Moreland
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Drama
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Reviewer: Melyssa
Continuing along in my backwards reading fest of all things Melanie Moreland, I finally reach her first book, Into the Storm.

Already having fallen in love with her writing style with the previous two books, I went into this book expecting much of the same and I was not disappointed. Even in that first book she has a way with the written word that by the time you’re finished you come away incredibly fulfilled. She gives incredibly good story.

What I wasn’t expecting with this story was how incredibly personal it would be for me. The issues that it would touch on that affected me personally and in varying degrees the people around me that I hold most dear. I think by the time I turned the last page, it was those things that stuck with me most. What made this book impossible to review right away. Watching the growth of both characters as they started the road to recovery, both separately and together and how realistically it was all portrayed was just as beautiful as the love story.

I’m always scared with books that delve into real life issues that a lot of people struggle with every day. Especially when they’re ones that I myself have had brushes with (and in this case still do). I walk on egg shells reading these types of books, but as it turns out in this one, I didn’t have anything to fear. The way the author portrayed the very real condition known as agoraphobia (one I know quite well), was very well done. She took such great care in the way Joshua presented with it, often times making me feel as though I was looking into a mirror and not reading about a fictional character.

This bonded me to Joshua, I won’t lie, but the type of person he was underneath the condition he had been living with since a tragic and horrible incident years before, that’s what kept me planted and invested. Full of sweetness, adoration, softness and understanding while at the same not being perfect. Reacting and doing things sometimes that made me want to hit him, but also bonded me even more to him because I understood him. He was such an incredible hero, especially given that the situation he found himself in with Rabbit wasn’t entire ideal.

Yes, you heard me right. Rabbit.

Having crashed her way into his life (quite literally) at the beginning of the story and awakening with no memory of who she is or where she’s from, Joshua names her based on how she appears. Small. Timid. His rabbit.
That’s not her name of course. She is in fact Elizabeth, but considering everything she lived through before crashing into Joshua’s life, not really living at all. Her life a robotic existence, I’m sticking with Rabbit.

She brings with her another issues that’s extremely hard to write and for a lot of people read, because of how real and prevalent it is in the world today. Spousal Abuse. Another instance where I was on edge wondering if this would be handled with the same care as Joshua’s issues were and was blown away by the time I turned the final page with the knowledge that it was. Another issue that hits home for those closest to me and one that bonded me to her character almost instantly. Every ounce of pain she experienced often times so vivid I felt like I’d gone to war myself. Which only made the healing balm that was Joshua’s love that much sweeter.

Their journey to happiness wasn’t an easy one, but it was most definitely an incredible one to watch happen. Their connection taking place in one of the worst circumstances one can find themselves in (not knowing who they really are), but standing the test of time and every obstacle that was placed in their path and growing stronger through it all.

I ran the gamut of emotions reading this book, much like the one before it and there was even a time or two while reading where I wanted to chuck my kindle again, but for every step the author took in breaking my heart, she took just as many piecing me back together right along with Rabbit and Joshua. In the end giving them the incredible love story they deserved and were worthy of.

This was a definite 5 BG & Jack Star read for me and one that I will carry with me long after I’ve turned the final page.

Melanie Moreland, my hat is off to you author lady. You give one hell of a good story and I can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming for us next!

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