Thursday, August 6, 2015

~*★Review★*~ I Hear A Red Crayon by Bonnie Feuer

Title: I Hear A Red Crayon
Author: Bonnie Feuer
Genre: Children’s Non-Fiction
Release Date: October 15, 2015
Rating: ★★★★★


As the mother of two children on the autism spectrum, one who is always looking for books that while explaining the disorder, do it in a way that’s not overly technical, finding this book in my travels was such a treat…and here’s why.

I’m also the mother of a “neurotypical” child. One that on most days, handles her brother and sister’s differences well, but who also doesn’t quite understand what Autism means and why her brother and sister while similar in a lot of ways, are also so uniquely different.

Having a book written from the perspective of a sibling just like her made this an essential read for me. Because just like I’m always interested in learning more about autism, I’m also interested in the thought process of my children that do not have the diagnosis.

I felt while reading this short story that I was gaining not only insight into what other siblings of kids with autism go through, but also seeing shades of my own daughter through her eyes.

This is a book that I would gladly pick up and have my daughter read, because not only will she learn about a lot of the unique differences that her brother and sister have, she’ll also get the chance to see that some of the things she thinks and feels, she’s not alone in.

I commend the author for taking her own story and putting it into a voice that kids the world over will understand. Giving insight in just the right way that even children that are around my daughter’s age group can understand and apply to their own life.

Much like the sister in the story when faced with other people making fun of her brother for “hearing the red crayon”, my own children react much the same way. Protective to a fault, and it was another way that this book just connected with me all the way through.

I would like to thank the publisher, The Connecticut Press (IBPA), the author, Bonnie Feuer, and NetGalley for giving readers an advanced look at the book before it releases in the fall. It was a pleasure to read and it’s my hope that it can touch other children and parents much the way it did me. 

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