Wednesday, August 5, 2015

~*★Review★*~ Fake Boobs by Ryan Ringbloom

Title: Fake Boobs
Author: Ryan Ringbloom
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Humor, Coming of Age
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Rating: ★★★★

A guy picking up a book called Fake Boobs. Bet u didn’t see that comin huh?

Ryan Ringbloom was one of the first authors I got into when I decided I wanted to read something other than horror and fantasy. She’s also one of the first to give my own attempt at writing a shot when I did it with the other Winchester floating around. She’s good people even though I don’t know her an since I loved reading her other books both the ya and the na series books, I knew I was gonna wanna give this one a try to.

This book felt different than the others for me and while I was reading it, I was all over the place about how I felt about it.

I hated parts of it, mainly the ones where Tori was hating on herself cus man, maybe I’m in a fuckin minority here but u never want a girl thinking that just because she doesn’t have the biggest boobs, nicest ass or whatever that she’s all messed up and wrong. That shit messed with me hard. At times she was overly insecure but considering the way peeps are in the world it seemed legit to me. I understood this girl even if sometimes I thought she was taking shit a little too far.

I wanted to kick the shit out of Grant a few times here. He seemed like the only one who gave a shit for a bit there an then suddenly he was a prick and I was angry.

This is what Ryan Ringbloom does though. She creates these characters that even though u wanna smack them around or hit them with the book ur reading to wake them up, are real down deep. Tori has this amazing road of self-discovery coming into her own eventually, even after taking things to the extreme an so did Grant.

It made them better people. Stronger people. Not only for each other but for themselves. An when I read that’s what I’m looking for I guess cus in the end, this worked for me. It made me feel shit and as I`m starting to figure out, I’m all about feeling shit when I read. Makes the book more meaningful.

Ryan Ringbloom is good peeps and this was a good read. If ur looking for something real, this is it. U found it. Now get on reading it. U won’t be sorry. 

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