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~*BLOG TOUR*~ Skin Deep (Stolen Breaths #3) by Pamela Sparkman

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Title: Skin Deep

Author: Pamela Sparkman

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 20, 2015

Cover Designer: Sarah Hansen with Okay Creations




She hates me.

I’m in love with her.

Her life is a masquerade.

Mine is cloaked in secrets.

She thinks I can’t see her.

But she’s the only thing I can see.

he thinks we have nothing in common.

We have everything in common.

And I’m done being patient.

I'm determined.

She's stubborn.

You think you know us.

You don't.

The things you know about us are only Skin Deep.

*Warning - This book contains instances of self harm in the form of an eating disorder and may be a trigger to some readers.*





Beth had been good at pretending to be this happy carefree girl – bubbly and energetic. Looking at her now, I saw a girl who was anything but carefree. She obviously had demons that haunted her, and I knew from experience that fighting certain demons can be almost impossible.
I listened through the door, making sure Lily had gone. “This isn’t over. Me keeping your secret from Lily is not a sign I’m letting this go. It’s a sign that I’m going to be a thorn in your side until you let me help you.”
Beth prickled at my comment and unfurled herself from the protective ball she had curled into. “I don’t need your help!”
“Yes, you do.” I took another step towards her. Beth took a step back. “And the way I see it, you don’t have much of a choice.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Do you want Lily to know what you’ve been doing?”
Beth’s eyes pooled with unshed tears. She looked hurt by my words. “Please don’t tell Lily,” she pleaded in a whisper.
“I’ll tell her everything unless you let me help you.” The look of fear and disbelief on Beth’s face made me feel like a total jackass.
Her expression changed again. She glowered at me like she wanted to set me on fire. “I hate you so much right now.”
Her words, she meant them. And hearing her tell me she hated me… it hurt, because somewhere along the way I had fallen in love with her.
“I know you do. But I’d rather you hate me for the right reasons, than like me for the wrong ones. I guess we’ll both have to figure out how to fucking live with that.”

My Review

Title: Skin Deep
Author: Pamela Sparkman
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Series or Standalone: Standalone Series (Stolen Breaths #3)
Rating: 5 Stars

About a year ago, I started this blog to support authors. I was gonna review books, post covers, sale links, that kinda thing. My job takes a lot of my time, so even though I could read a lot during breaks and when I was home at night, I didn’t have the time to do all the things I want and the blog fell apart.
During that time though, my best friend told me to check out this indie author, Pam Sparkman. I don’t normally read romance (only when my best friend yells at me to), so I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it. But I did it anyway and a year later haven’t regretted it for a second.
Pam Sparkman writes books that even guys like me can get into. She writes these believable fucking dudes that I could see myself hanging with. First it was Cooper, then it was Joe and now it’s Hayden.
You’d think cause I’m a guy that I’d be all about the dudes. I fuckin loved Joe Carlisle for instance. He was the ultimate book dude. But this book, I wasn’t all about Hayden. This time it was Beth.
I’ve been through some shit in life even though I’m young. I’ve been where Beth is when this book starts. Where she was in all three books (but u don’t learn about til now). Self-harm comes in all forms and can be triggered by all sorts of different events and while me and her we didn’t walk the same road, we did have the same tendencies. Hers was bulimia, mine was drinking, pill popping and at a real bad point, cutting. I understood her.
You don’t want to do things like this but u need to stop the influx somehow. And then you do it so much it controls you. Becomes you. Or you become it.
Every fuckin time she bent over that toilet, I felt her pain. I was a part of it with her and sometimes I had to close the book and give myself a break cause I wanted to help her and couldn’t. This book felt real to me.

Hayden man. Through Beth’s eyes you see this instance with him near the beginning and it stayed with me the whole book.

This was Hayden for me. Through all of her rain, he stayed standing there. He didn’t fuckin waver not once. He was pure. And he was exactly what she needed him to be even when he hated having to do it that way.
The romance in this book was powerful, but I didn’t take the romance away from this. I took healing from this book. What Beth did for herself (instead of for someone/everyone else) gives me hope that people like her (and me) can get through the storm their life has become. That their lives can become these beautiful things that stories can be made of and the hard journey to get there was worth it.
Pam thanks for giving me a chance to read this before it came out. Thank you for writing real characters and ones I like so much I have a hard time expressing it properly. Thanks for giving me this story of love, hope, loss and healing. It was perfect.
But thank u most of all for restoring my faith in romance. You are in a class all your own.

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About The Author

I grew up in Alabama and have always been an avid reader. I had a stack of those Little Golden Books and I can remember reading Three Little Kittens over and over and over again. It was my favorite.

Fast forward and the older I got the more in love with books I became. So, I'm admitting that I am a huge nerd. The only reading I don't like are those math word problems. And I'm okay with that because no one has ever asked me in real life... "If I give you two bananas and take away six apples, how long will it take the southbound train to collide with the northbound train if Johnny left his house at midnight?" It just doesn't happen.

So, yeah, books are my thing.

Oh and music. All kinds. Love.It.

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