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~*BLOG TOUR*~ Hard To Fight by Bella Jewel

Title: Hard to Fight
Author: Bella Jewel
Series: Alpha’s Heart, #1
Imprint: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Publication Date: August 11, 2015
Format: eBook
ISBN: 978-1-466-89135-7
Price: $3.99


Grace is a bounty hunter who wants to be taken seriously, but her boss refuses to believe that a woman can bring down a dangerous criminal.  She finally gets a chance to prove herself when she's given the case of a lifetime: capture Raide Knox and bring him to justice.

Raide is a dangerous fugitive on the run...and the sexiest man Grace has ever met. Catching Raide won't be easy.  He's not the kind of man to go down without a fight.  Raide is more intense and frustrating than any man she's ever had to deal with, and the instantaneous attraction that sparks between them is undeniable. One thing is for's going to be a case they will never forget.

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Exclusive Excerpt from Hard To Fight

“I’m freaking out, Kady,” I whisper down the phone. “How the hell am I supposed to get him in?”
“With your mind,” she says with amusement in her voice. “And your body.”
I frown. “My body?”
“Don’t you see? You’re looking at this all wrong. You’re expecting to be able to just go over and drag him in but you can’t do that. Whether you like it or not, you don’t have the physical power to bring a man his size in. So start thinking outside the box.”
She’s piqued my interest. “Go on. . . .”
“Seduce him.”
I blink. “Excuse me?”
She huffs as if my question is completely unwarranted. “Seduce him.”
I laugh nervously. “Kady, I met him and basically abused him for being a player. Then I told him girls like me never sleep with men like him, and now you’re asking me to approach him and try to make him believe I’m interested?”
I close my eyes. “Yeah, that’s not going to happen.”
“What are you going to do, then?” she challenges. “Waltz up to him and order him to come in? He’ll run before you get your damned gun from your purse.”
I laugh. “I know how to use my gun, thank you very much—I’m just not allowed to use it unless it’s life or death.”
“Seriously, Gracie,” she says, softer now. “Think about it. You seduce him, get him interested, then you set him up. You could do something as simple as making him drop you to work one day—and, bam, he’s in.”
She makes a really good point.
“He’s not just going to grow an attraction to me overnight.”
“What?” She giggles. “A man isn’t just going to fall at your feet? Gasp. But seriously, that man was undressing you with his eyes. I don’t think you’ll have a problem.”
I snort. “Shut up—he was not.”
“He was so, and you can do it. I know you can. Just drop the charm on him, and you’ll have him panting.”
It’s actually not a bad idea. It would be an easy way of getting Raide in without alerting him or having to wrestle him. I might be trained, but a man his size wouldn’t be easy to move. Being a bounty hunter isn’t always easy. We have to track down criminals and bring them in for their trials, things like that. It isn’t always a walk in the park, a good deal of them run or attempt to assault us, so we’re always on our feet.
“I’ll think about it, but it is a good plan.”
I hear her clap and squeal. “While you’re at it, get some of that fine ass for yourself.”
“I think that’s against the code. . . .”
“Not if it’s kept secret.” She’s grinning—I can hear it in her voice.
I laugh, flopping down onto my couch. “You’re a rebel, Kady…” 
…I hang up and lean back against the soft cushions of the couch. Seduce Raide Knox, prove my team wrong, and get the chance to expand my career. It all sounds simple, but I have no doubt whatsoever that it won’t be. Raide is a hard man, and he’s going to think I’m a great big joke when I turn up, trying to seduce him. I can only hope he’s seducible.
Things are about to get interesting.


About The Author

Bella Jewel is a USA Today bestselling author. 
She lives in North Queensland where she's working on her next novel.

Title: Hard To Fight
Author: Bella Jewel
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance, Suspense
Release Date: August 11, 2015
Series or Standalone: Standalone Series (Alpha’s Heart #1)
Rating: ★★★★★


I’ve been having a bunch of different people telling me to pick up a Bella Jewel book, saying that I’d enjoy the grittier and real style of her writing and it took me a long time to do it but when the chance to review this book for our blog came my way, I took it.

My blog partner is in love with Bella Jewel’s writing style and has spoken very highly of it when we’ve talked about me taking the chance on this book so going in, if she could handle it, I knew I’d like it.

She was right. This was a super quick, fast paced read. Even with me reading it during breaks at work, I managed to get it done within a few hours. It’s not very often I can be that pulled in by something I read, but this book did.

We’ve got this strong woman, Grace. One who is trying to make it in a guy’s world and from the way’s she portrayed, succeeding in it but not enough for the men in her life (aside from her father) to give her the credit I’m damn sure she’s due.

Until her boss comes across the file for Raide Knox. It’s when he gets this that a light bulb goes off over his head and he wants to give her a shot. Putting what was supposed to be a chance meeting between these two on blast and turning it into a whole lot more.

I don’t really have much background to base this on, but I dug the way the author wrote Raide. He was a cocky prick but when he was around Grace, there was something softer about him. Different. Seemed real to me. I like being able to read a guy character when they’re written by females and have them seem real to me. The author did this here.

The two personalities played off each other well. I believed in the two of them together when feelings got involved but I think I got the most enjoyment out of the chase. Grace’s decision to seduce him and failing miserably cause she ended up falling for him. For the reality of his situation.

Having humor laced into the action and suspense scenes was great and to be honest kind of unexpected. You would think that being thrown into a situation like the one Raide and Grace found themselves in, there wouldn’t be time for humor of any kind but there was and it worked here. It wasn’t anything huge, but it fit and made me enjoy the book overall even more.

Based on this book, I’d pick up more from this author, especially since now that I’ve read this and checked her out a bit, I see she writes books about MC’s too.

Definite 5* read for me. 

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