Sunday, July 26, 2015

~*Review*~ Falling For You by Ashelyn Drake

Title: Falling For You
Author: Ashelyn Drake
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Novella
Series or Standalone: Standalone Companion Novella
Rating: 5 Stars


Falling For You is the companion novella (a prequel if you will) to Perfect For You by Ashelyn Drake. It’s a Young Adult Romance told from the point of view of Meg, the female protagonist.

I haven’t read the original novel that this prequels, so I have no background on the characters and what takes place for them in the future. I only had this one to go on and honestly, I’m rather happy that I picked them up this way because I’m getting to see how they came to be before jumping in and seeing how they end up.

This book feeds the YA beast in me. I am always on the lookout for YA books that are cute, sweet, funny and can hold my attention and this little novella does that and more. I was hooked almost instantly, both with Meg and the boy that she eventually allows herself to fall for, Ash.

How cute are these two seriously? Between Ash wanting to give her time because she doesn’t exactly make a habit of dating or even hanging out with the guys at her school, so keeping things awkward and Meg freaking out in typical young girl fashion trying to see what the truth is behind his mixed signals, I was in heaven.

I remember being this awkward. Sure my experiences weren’t exactly like this, but the way they both act sure was. It was such a refreshingly real and adorable story. The only thing I hated about this was that it was over far too soon.

Thankfully, I’ve got a full length book for these two to jump into. Which I’m gonna end this review and go do now because awww, I need more of this adorable couple in my life.

Ashelyn Drake is a new author to me, but if her writing style remains in other books the way it does here, she’s gonna have another fan girl to add to the list, because the pacing, the style of writing and how she needed to nail these characters for their ages spot on, was perfection.

So much for love for this little gem. I think any YA fan would love this!

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