Tuesday, July 14, 2015

~*Review*~ Broken Lullabies by Nicole Simone

Title: Broken Lullabies 
Author: Nicole Simone
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Series or Standalone: Standalone Series (Love of a Rockstar #2)



Broken Lullabies is the story of Camille Barker and your friendly neighborhood rockstar, Matthew Lee.

It’s not an easy story, but no story worth reading ever really is easy.

Camille hasn’t exactly had the best life. Sure she’s had opportunities and been given a lot so in that regard her life doesn’t seem that hard, but that’s only on the outside looking in. The real story is, she experienced something three years before, something so heinous and so debilitating that it changed her life forever.

Enter Matt. A singer in a rock band dealing with his own set of demons from the past. Demons that can threaten all that he hold dear in the future.

Put these two together and given the circumstances of the past, it looks like a disaster waiting to happen, but is far from it. Through Matt, Camille is seen to be living again. Stepping out from the darkness that has hung over her and into this light where she’s being shown that life can be more than what you’ve been through.

I loved watching the progression of their relationship. It was a treat seeing it go from complete avoidance into something more. There was an innocence that surrounded them here, and I believed in them as a couple because of it. I wanted to see them together and happy just as much as I wanted to see them individually happy.

Matt, god love him, stole my heart. To be honest, his appearances in the others books had already set that in motion, but it truly did take flight here. He put so much pressure on himself based on what happened in the past and despite knowing he had done something horrible, something he had a hard time forgiving himself for, I still wanted to hug him.

Deep down he was a good guy that had gotten himself into a situation that wasn’t so good and had done what he thought at the time was best to put a stop to it. He had no idea at the time just how much what he did say and do would affect the person, but once he learned, it damn near broke him in two.

And Camille. I cried for her. She had all of these hopes and dreams that were crushed under the weight of what happened to her three years prior and even though she’d put on a brave face for her friends and the rest of the world, was still haunted by it each and every day.

Two broken people, coming together and becoming unbroken. That’s what this story was to me, start to finish. It wasn’t an easy ride to happiness, it was quite the opposite, but it was definitely a ride I’m glad that I took because it was definitely worth the payoff.

I did feel as though the reveal of the truth came a little too close to the end, which in turn made what happened next feel a little rushed, but it wasn’t enough to ruin the story for me or take away from the way I felt about them as a couple. I was still as invested at that point as I had been throughout.

Luke and Marlene this story was not. So if you’re coming to this story based on them, be prepared for an altogether different experience. This was all uniquely Camille and Matthew and a story that at the end of the day proves that some of the best things can be born from the worst situations.

Thank you Nicole for yet again writing another story that once I started it, I just couldn’t put down. Characters that just in being themselves made me love them and a journey that was as unique as they are. It was a pleasure.

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